Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment

Norwalk City School District
Hours: 7:30am – 4:00pm
134 Benedict Ave.
Norwalk, OH 44857

NCSD Open Enrollment

The Norwalk City School District's Board of Education accepts students through open enrollment from any district inMay 1 the state of Ohio. Acceptance is still on a first come - first served basis. Please read the board policy below and then print and complete the application. (Applications may also be picked up at the Board of Education - Director of Operations office.) 
Applications are accepted May 1 - July 1 for the subsequent school year. 
The application may be:
  • emailed to Leona Lortcher ( between May 1 - July 1, 2019, or 
  • mailed to 134 Benedict Ave., Norwalk, Ohio 44857 attn: Open Enrollment, or
  • brought to the Board of Education, Director of Operations office (M-F 7:30 - 4 p.m.). 
If you have questions, please contact Leona Lortcher at 419-660-1805. 

Open Enrollment Applications

Open Enrollment Applications for the 19-20 School Year will be posted no later than April 30. However, applications will only be accepted May 1 through July 1.  Early applications will not be accepted.

Board of Education Open Enrollment Policy

The Board believes that students from any other school district in the state, under certain prescribed circumstances, can benefit from interdistrict open enrollment. Requirements for the transfer of students, based upon criteria established by the Superintendent and in conjunction with recommendations from officials of the Ohio Department of Education, are listed below. These requirements are intended to be consistent with Ohio Revised Code Section (RC) 3313.98.

1. Any application for an interdistrict transfer must be submitted to the Superintendent's office of the Norwalk City School District. One application must be submitted for each student who requests an interdistrict transfer.

2. Applications will be acted upon by August 1. The superintendent of the district in which the applicant is enrolled pursuant to RC 3313.64 or 3313.65, and the applicant's parent, guardian, or custodian, shall be notified by the District Superintendent of the District's enrollment decision for the applicant by August 14.

3. No interdistrict transfer will be permitted if the enrollment of the grade level being requested at the receiving building exceeds the following. The class size will be determined by the administration.

Grade Enrollment Limit

Kindergarten 25

Grade One 26

Grade Two 26

Grade Three 27

Grade Four 27

Grade Five 27

Grade Six 27

Grades Seven and Eight 30

Grades Nine - 12 30

4. No student, once accepted, will be displaced during the school year, should the enrollment exceed the limits stated above. The administration will determine building assignment, and there is no guarantee that the building assignment will prevail in subsequent years.

5. Students with disabilities may be rejected for interdistrict transfer if the services described in the student's individualized educational plan are not currently available in the District. Enrollment limits for special education units shall not be exceeded.

6. The District is not required to institute any special education programs to serve transfer students. If a student is evaluated for placement in a special education program, representatives of the district of residence must be invited to participate in the placement meeting.

7. All approved transfers are in effect for one school year only and may be discontinued at the discretion of the administration in subsequent years.

8. Resident students will not be displaced under any circumstances. A District employee's child/children will be considered resident students for the purpose of this policy.

9. Students who meet the requirements of this policy will be accepted on a priority basis as follows:

A. Students previously approved for open enrollment

B. Current tuition students

C. Earliest date of application

D. Students living with a grandparent in the District

E. Children of graduates of the District

10. Applicants may be rejected if the racial balance of either the sending or the receiving school district would be negatively impacted.

11. The District will accept no responsibility for the transportation of students to other districts unless it is deemed practical by the administration.

12. The District may deny enrollment to students who have been expelled or suspended for 10 consecutive days or more in the current term or the immediately preceding term.

13. Superintendents may, by mutual agreement, waive the stated enrollment deadline, up to the first full week of October, should extenuating circumstances exist.

14. All applicable Ohio High School Athletic Association regulations and provisions will be observed.

[Adoption date: October 8, 1996]

[Re-adoption date: August 15, 2006]

[Re-adoption date: March 11, 2014]

[Re-adoption date: May 12, 2015]

[Re-adoption date: April 12, 2016]

LEGAL REFS.: ORC 3313.64; 3313.97; 3313.983

Chapter 3327

OAC 3301-48-02

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